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Pics of our 2007 Glastron GT 185

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The Replacement
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Our 2007 GXL185

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GT 185  Volvo 4.3


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Pictures of my 2006 GS 259 with 5.7L 320HP Volvo Penta Duo Prop OSXi drive.

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Watch out for underwater monster, it likes props
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Spring of 2009 was the first launch, we had a blast. I shopped around, went to 2 boat shows, one in 2007 and the second in 2008, walked around for two hours looking at other boats and I was always drawn back to Glastron. Tahoe was my second choice, nice boats, but they are over priced and don't have the fine details that Glastron has. Anyone considering which brand to buy, choose Glastron

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Our Glastron SSV 177 build in 1977

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I bought my boat in 2009 but it was so close to the end of production for that year its actually a 2010 model. That sounds like a great deal and for the most part it is but it was really disappointing that the fire engine RED boat I ordered showed up burgundy (2010 color change). Its a very pretty boat but it doesn't match my fire engine red truck like I wanted. Other than the color thing I have no complaints, the boat is awesome and the envy of the marina. Everyone seems to have heard about Gla…

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2010 Black GT185 XL w/4.3

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