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Technical Questions / Cabin Cushions - Cheap
« on: April 05, 2020, 03:54:02 PM »
First, I am sorry to see that this forum is not used much.  Last post appears to have been in July 2019!

I bought my 2012 GS-249 in excellent cosmetic condition.  The cabin seemed like it had never been used.  The past two summers I have kept the boat at inside rack storage to prevent mold & mildew, etc.

A couple months ago I took the boat out of storage.  The V-Bunk cushions, etc., had deteriorated badly.  Inspection revealed that the plastic lining over the foam was an extremely thin material that tears very easily.  I could not believe that Glastron used such a cheap material in a boat's cabin.  A lambskin condom is thicker than that!

I went out and bought some rolls of tan-colored duct tape and will attempt to re-cover the seat cushions with that.  I am so upset - if I had bought the boat new and it was in warranty I would sue Glastron.  I hope people will read this post.

Tom in Florida

Technical Questions / Water on Cabin Floor
« on: May 22, 2018, 11:52:12 AM »
Hello: I’m new to this club, having recently found out about it.  Six months ago I bought a used GS-249 cruiser, 2012 model.  I have started experiencing water on the lowest cabin floor after heavy rains.  I am hoping to get some advice as to how to correct the problem.

As a background, the prior owner had kept all the canvas up while the boat was stored on a trailer.  I chose to keep the boat in the canal behind my house.  Due to a low fixed bridge, I removed all of the camper canvas, just keeping up the bimini top, which can be easily lowered.  For the past few months there had been very little rain in South Florida, but a couple weeks ago we started to experience some very heavy rains.  That’s when I began to notice the carpet was wet in the lowest section of the cabin floor, the section roughly 2-feet square in front of the companionway step.  I have had to sponge out excess water a couple times now.

I’ve checked the windows, hatches, sinks, toilet, etc., and concluded that no rain water was entering the cabin through them.  The scuppers are all free of leaves, etc., and appear to be draining properly.  The sump is empty.  Very little standing water was in the bilge under the engine, and the bilge pump would only run for 15-20 seconds. 

I suspect that the water may be entering from the cockpit area.  Although I can’t see a problem, there could be a crack around the scupper piping, which would allow water to drain directly into the bilge under the cabin floor.  Also, I notice that the helm station is designed that it tilts backwards, so that rain water could accumulate in front of the instrument panel and could eventually flow over the lip and into the bilge.   There might be other locations where water could seep from the cockpit area into the bilge and flow forward to the cabin area instead of aft to the engine room.

If anyone has experienced a problem like this, or has any suggestions that could help me find the leak and stop it, I would be very grateful.

Tom U.
Hollywood, FL

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