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Technical Questions / Re: Hull Blistering
« Last post by Merlin16 on November 01, 2017, 10:51:46 AM »
Sorry to hear about that. Especially sucks when you get mislead by the selling dealer, bad communication.
Not sure what causes those blisters, if your boat is kept in the water or on a trailer. An 06 is not that old.
On another note, if it's just a couple blisters on the gel coat, check around your area for a fiberglass repair shop. It maybe a minor repair with minimal cost. Maybe the dealer would help on pricing if it was like that when you bought it.
Technical Questions / Re: Hull Blistering
« Last post by The Canadian Guy on November 01, 2017, 10:26:41 AM »
Update:  I heard back from Glastron about my hull blistering and I was informed my sales person was full of crap.  If you get any talk of hull warranty or any warranty, Get It In Writing or Walkaway.

My Email to John's Marina in Calreton Place:

Hi Keith,

When I purchased the boat (2006 Glastron SX 175) I was told the cost of transferring the hull warranty to me was included and only Glastron did this and my brother and I thought it was a plus especially for a 10 year old boat.  Glastron has a very different view and an explanation as to why it’s not covered.  This fact, which James either knew or ought to have known affected my decision to purchase the boat.  Had I known there was no hull warranty, I would have purchased a newer boat or negotiated a lower price, but I believed I was getting good value for the money.

Also I believe your company jacks up the cost of the winterizing and spring start up to cover the cost of storage, hardly a deal considering the price I got from Laurentian Marine.

I will discuss my options and let you know my decision.  Very disappointed.

Yours truly,
Marc Scrivener

Response from Glastron;

From: Boating []
Sent: October 5, 2017 9:03 AM
To: I blocked my email to prevent spamming
Subject: RE: Contact Form from Glastron site


First of all we do not transfer warranties for boats built before 2010. Genmar was the company that owned Glastron in 2006 and Genmar went bankrupt in 2008-2009 and closed Glastron and Bankrupt courts sold Glastron.  Also Osmosis blistering is on the surface of the gelcoat and warranty would have ended for only the original owner.


General Boating / 1974 Glastron Starflight V-179 discussion
« Last post by caliguyhome on October 26, 2017, 05:01:55 PM »
I can't find anyone on here with the same model as me so i thought i'd start the discussion incase anyone has related questions.
First time boat owner here.

I was given a 1974 starflight V-179 with a volvo pend aq130c motor and Volvo 270 stern drive. which was jsut sitting uncovered for 3 years in the elements.
i've done quite a bit to get her going again but still tons more to do.

She's quite the beast and its been a blast problem solving this old girl.

i'll share pics when i can but just wanted to open it up and put it out there.

wish me luck. hopefully i get can get some troutfishing out of here early winter.
General Boating / Re: Posting pics
« Last post by codertimt on October 22, 2017, 11:40:00 AM »
Hey guys, sorry for the inattention to the site as of late.  Best way to post pics would be to use a different hosting site and then post the links within the img tags using the insert image button above the smilies...  Possibly even posting them to this sites gallery and then using the link from there would work...  I really haven't looked at things in quite a while to see what actual rules are in place around attachments sizes/etc...
I know this thread is older, however, I will answer in hopes that others will find my response.

VEC is/was a Genmar technology used for building boat hulls and other components. It's closed moulding concept, a derivation of RTM (resin transfer moulding). The basic concept is that The mould is gel coated, fibreglass weave(s) are placed on top, the mould is closed and resin is injected. There are a ton of videos, articles and other forum posts on the topic. Checkout

Instead of using rigid moulds like in RTM, VEC uses softer, disposable moulds called tools in what they call a "VEC cell". Water is injected between the cell and tool to A) support the weight of items in the tool and B) is heated to assist in curing the resin. This system meant Genmar/VEC could make numerous parts in a VEC cell without spending a ton of cash creating a boat-load (pun intended) of rigid (likely steel or other metal) expensive tools.

From 2001-2006 (I think) Glastron built the lower part of boats in two pieces; the hull and the liner. The hulls are VEC and I don't know how the liners were made. Anyway, as far as I can tell the stringer system was laid up with the liner and then the whole section was attached to the VEC hull in a secondary bonding process.

From 2007-2010 (I think) Glastron went to fully unitized construction. This means they laid up the stringer system AND transom AND hull AND liner in one shot with the VEC system. Gelcoat was applied to the mould, weaves added, stringer system added, more weaves a transom etc. The mould was closed and the entire lower half of the boat was created at once.

In 2010 Genmar went belly up and another company bought Glastron. From that point on I believe they went back to more traditional construction.

Of interest is that in all the documentation I can find Genmar says the top half of the boats were built in traditional open faced moulds. They also refer to the stringer systems as "foam logs" and transom as "high density" foam in at least one article I've read. There is wood in these boats, I know as I own one, but it's not structural. It's backing things like cleats, perhaps under seats and separators in the engine bay in some models.

Hope this dump of my research helps.

EDIT: VEC was only used in smaller boats, up to 20 feet or so maybe 22? More info added.

Here's a marketing video on VEC:
Technical Questions / Hull Blistering
« Last post by The Canadian Guy on October 03, 2017, 12:43:20 AM »
My 2006 SX 175's hull is blistering.  Has anyone had this problem.  I wrote to Glastron and am awaiting a reply.  Any help or advice would be appreciated.

General Boating / Re: Posting pics
« Last post by Merlin16 on September 26, 2017, 01:45:27 PM »
good luck with that. It don't work for me either. I've even reached out to site admin and get no response. I don't know who or if this site is even monitored.
I have a 2006 GLX 185 with the 4.3 and also have problems with the sending unit.
I have been reading posts on line at other sites and it seems people are adopting one of several courses of action
1. Do nothing. Multiple people drive the boat so this is not a good solution for me.
2. Most common is cut the wires, splice in a new sender and shrink seal the connection. I have also seen a couple of posts where there was corrosion at the original connector so this would not solve that problem. I have been told this is the way it is done on the Merc.
3. Remove the motor etc so that they can get access. It seems crazy that you should have to do this. A $200 sensor and $600 of labor-possibly more.
4. Find a contortionist that can get back to the connector. My mechanic says he can see it with mirrors but cannot get to it without spending a day plus removing seats, engine parts and maybe the engine itself.

I am still hoping there is a more logical solution-hence my post to this site.
General Boating / Posting pics
« Last post by Fmarshall04 on September 25, 2017, 03:38:14 PM »
I've tried everything what's the secret to posting pics? I've resized them, it keeps telling me it's to large even though it's less then 124kb. Now my upload folder is full. Any help would be awesome
Hi All, I have a 2007 Glastron GLX 185 with a Volvo Penta 4.3L. Motor is I/O. I just bought it in early July. Boat has been running great and the trim has been working perfectly. Yesterday I ran the boat for two hours. Trim worked great when trailering, but when I went to do my exit inspection at the lake with the ranger the trim wouldn't go down or up for that matter. I could hear a clicking noise at the fuse/relay box. All the fuses/relays seem to be secured/plugged in properly. Last night the trim finally went down, but then I couldn't get it to go back up after draining all the water out of the prop. This morning I gave it a try and sure enough the trim worked - went all the way up. I then tried to lower it again and got nothing. Any suggestions on what might be the problem and what the fix might be? Was hoping to take the boat out today, but concerned given the intermittent functionality of the trim!
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