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« on: January 24, 2018, 10:44:17 AM »
Hi there!

I'm the new owner of a Glastron GT 249. It has the Volvo Penta GXI 5 liter engine with 68 hours on it (practically new!)

I live in Round Rock (a suburb of Austin, TX) and there are a few "lakes" on reservoirs around me. My main concern is that some of them are infested with zebra mussels, so if you leave your boat on the water for any time, the cooling system gets.... uncool?! ;)

I've downloaded the general boat user guide and the Volvo-Penta engine manual for the motor I have. I also found manuals for the GPS and cruise control units on it.

Work that needs doing includes refreshing a lot of the vinyl on the seats up top, which have shrunk and cracked a little. I've ordered some marine vinyl and got permission from the missus to use her Janome sewing machine. The top corner of the door is also broken off, and I'll need to fix or replace that. I've also already completely flattened both batteries in just a few hours with the lights on, so I want to replace the lights with LEDs to reduce current draw by 80%+...

I'll also want to do an oil change and general service on the motor. It's very clean and like-new, but the oil may have been in there for any amount of time, so....

Anyway, I'll be asking some questions and getting advice - like, the carpet SUCKS and my wife hates shag pile, and it is quite stained and discolored - what do you replace your original carpet with? I also post lots of pics so people can see what I did.

Upgrades I see in this boat's future include a small genny for charging and to run the small AC (well, more a dehumidifier) to keep the missus comfortable, as she is not a fan of humidity or outdoors generally. Her idea of slumming it has "Marriott" written on it.

We haven't named her yet, but knowing 'er indoors, it's likely to be something weirdly ironic.

(I tried to attach a small photo, but the uploads folder is full - admin attention needed.)