Author Topic: Hull Blistering - Osmosis  (Read 196 times)

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Hull Blistering - Osmosis
« on: April 30, 2018, 04:28:37 PM »
Glastron SX 175

I had posted info earlier about my boat being affected by osmosis.  What a pain is the ass this was.  One dealer wanted to charge me $7500.00 to redo the hull and it had to be done right away otherwise it would rot.  Total BS.  Then there was the cash deal guys and past experience has taught anyone to stay away from these people.  Pay the tax and get a receipt.  I'll never go there again for anything.  If your around Ottawa, Canada and you need fibreglass work done or any other work head over to Hurst Marina (they are on the Historic Rideau System).  They did such an excellent job on repairing the hull and guaranteed the osmosis will never happen again.  Total Cost $2900.00  They also are doing the spring set-up for me and checking over the boat so I have a trouble free summer of boating.

If your having any issues with your boat, please take the time to do the home work and find the right people.  Now it's time to put away the dog sled, snowsuit, snowshoes and as soon as the moose finish migrating through Ottawa I will head for the open water of the St. Lawrence and 1000 Islands.  The Canadian/American Paradise.

2006 SX 175
Lives In Ottawa, Canada