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Cabin Cushions - Cheap
« on: April 05, 2020, 03:54:02 PM »
First, I am sorry to see that this forum is not used much.  Last post appears to have been in July 2019!

I bought my 2012 GS-249 in excellent cosmetic condition.  The cabin seemed like it had never been used.  The past two summers I have kept the boat at inside rack storage to prevent mold & mildew, etc.

A couple months ago I took the boat out of storage.  The V-Bunk cushions, etc., had deteriorated badly.  Inspection revealed that the plastic lining over the foam was an extremely thin material that tears very easily.  I could not believe that Glastron used such a cheap material in a boat's cabin.  A lambskin condom is thicker than that!

I went out and bought some rolls of tan-colored duct tape and will attempt to re-cover the seat cushions with that.  I am so upset - if I had bought the boat new and it was in warranty I would sue Glastron.  I hope people will read this post.

Tom in Florida